Gauteng Women in Insurance

Promoting the networking of Women who work in the short term insurance industry in Gauteng, South Africa.

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) is an organisation which was founded in 2013, by eight business-leading ladies in the short-term insurance industry, to enhance the position of women in the short-term insurance industry in Gauteng, South Africa.

It is a forum to facilitate networking opportunities, develop members' personal and professional goals and to promote and debate insurance and other relevant issues.

GWII boasts a membership base that includes insurance specialists, underwriters, administrators, brokers, adjusters, insurers, reinsurers, UMA specialists, and industry service providers.

Our Mission

We endeavor to build a sustainable platform for all women in the insurance industry by offering appropriate opportunities to support the professional and personal advancement of women, through relevant networking and leadership programmes. At the same time, we give back to society and the environment by partnering with charitable initiatives that share our vision.

Our Vision

We endeavour GWII to be:

  • An association that collaborates with all women at all levels within the industry, and with other insurance associations, resulting in undeniable value added to the industry through the strength, knowledge and power of unified women of women;
  • An association the promotes the professional and personal development of women;
  • An association that promotes and encourages young women to join the insurance industry;
  • An association that promotes and supports social responsibility to society and the environment as individuals and as an industry.

Benefits of belonging

As an individual the benefits of belonging to the association are far and wide. YOU:
to a dynamic, professional insurance industry association. There is personal and professional growth for women and we promote the empowerment of women;
your peers in the industry – through networking you are able to build connections;
to fellow members your knowledge and expertise;
self-confidence, friendship, loyalty and networking;
in special events;
through speakers, workshops and articles designed to broaden your knowledge, enhance your position and meet professional needs; and YOU
Give back...
through minimal entrance fees at events which goes to charitable initiatives.

Upcoming Events

Empowering one another with the skills and education needed to stay current and successful in the insurance industry.

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Past Events

Taking the time to provide feedback we received from the "receivers".
Thank you GWII members.

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GWII Assist App

Our handy and innovative app is a simple to use mobile solution that keeps your family in direct contact with us, 24 hours a day, 365…no matter the emergency!

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What our members say

PLEDGE to make a difference

To celebrate the advancement of women members are asked to sign a pledge.
In an effort to make a difference in the professional development of women, members pledged to empower themselves and women in the short term industry. The pledge will bring amazing benefits to other women and themselves, now and for generations to come.

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