GWII Mid Winter Solstice: Vuyiswa home for Disabled and Johannesburg Organisation of Services to the Homeless

Vuyiswa home for handicapped was established solely to cater for handicapped adult /mentally ill from

disadvantage families within communities, township, rural and peri-urban areas

JOSH has a vision to create a sustainable, innovative solution to address the problem of homelessness

in Johannesburg. JOSH is both creating and leading change in Joburg.

By organising various projects, JOSH will work to give the homless skill sets in which they can take

forward to obtaining permanent employment. JOSH is working towards a shelter to help the homeless with

a transition to permanent housing in Randburg which is its pilot phase.

Questions or comments? Get in touch:

  • 16A Wag 'n Bietjie Street
  • +27 11 768 2299
  • +27 11 768 3032