GWII & Innosys - Afternoon of Bowls: Look Good, Feel Better

''The only Global Non Profit Organisation that caters for women and men facing all cancers with the specific focus on their emotional and social needs and well being. Cancer can rob a patient of their energy, appetite and strength but it need not take away their self-confidence

The Look Good…Feel Better programme is the Cosmetic Industry helping cancer patients, undergoing active treatment, in a practical and positive way.

Look Good…Feel Better provides free two-hour beauty workshops through a network of hospitals, and oncology units, specially designed to assist patients to manage the appearance related side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy, thereby helping to restore their appearance & self image.

Over 40 596 woman and men cancer patients have now attended a Look Good…Feel Better workshop at one of the 36 venues in 7 major cities in South Africa since the programme began in 2004

Look Good…Feel Better is like make over for the spirit and that is a beautiful thing''

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  • +27 11 768 2299
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